Hubby, our younger daughter, and I started hiking today!

Hubby is still trying to build his strength after his last surgery; he is definitely struggling more than we expected. It was great to get out hiking again. We took it easy today and only did a mile and a half. Resting when Hubby needed to. Thankfully there were wonderful benches through out the beautiful [...]

Productive exercise

I have tried the gym, videos, and exercise equipment and so far haven’t been able to find anything I can continue long term. My family and I love to go for walks and to hike, but hiking is only on the weekends and our daily walks can be slow when we have a 3 year [...]

11 Week Check in!

It has been a while. Hubby had another surgery and I have spent the last 5 weeks focusing on him, his recovery, and our family. I was still working on losing weight through and I’m very excited to share my success so far. The video is long, but the details about my weight are in [...]

5 Week weigh-in and update

Here is my 5 week update. There are many more posts I would like to write, but for the moment I have limited computer access. Thank you all for the support! Make sure you watch the whole video for some really great news

Meatball recipe – add protein to your meals!

It is important for not only dialysis patients, but everyone to have some type of protein at every meal. I created this very simple recipe and make meatballs to freeze in pairs. If I have a meal, like a salad, that doesn’t have protein, I heat up two meatballs, add a sauce of my choice [...]

Hemodialysis MAY be able to eat potatoes!

If you are a dialysis patient or know one, you have probably heard that dialysis patients can’t have potatoes. That isn’t completely true. While dialysis patients need to greatly limit their phosphorus and potassium in-take, there are ways they can have potatoes. Make sure you check with your dietitian before making any dietary changes, particularly [...]

Heal with Love Foundation

There are many things that might stop a person from considering being a living donor, but Barbara Thomas is doing something about one of those reasons. Many people just don’t have vacation, sick, or personal time to take off from work to be a living kidney donor. Barbara started Heal with Love Foundation after being [...]

Dialysis – funny moments

Ok, no one thinks of dialysis and thinks “funny”, but after a while, you need to look at the humor in some of it, to keep going forward. Just a little background – my husband does home hemodialysis. I was trained to set up the machine, put in his needles, take care of him during [...]