Saying Goodbye for now

I started this website as a way to raise awareness about kidney donation and to keep me on track with losing weight to be a kidney donor. Life is not always what we expect it to be. I am still losing weight and I still have lifelong dreams of raising awareness about kidney donation. I’m [...]

A blessing of home hemo-dialysis

… time with family. Hubby doesn’t have to miss visits with his grandson just because of dialysis Of course, he would rather not have to do dialysis at all, but of his choices, being home is the best.

Survival rate of dialysis patients

There are a variety of resources when it comes to finding out survival rates. There are sad statics too. I remember before my husband started dialysis we participated in a kidney foundation walk and on the walk was a very humbling sign – “One person dies every two hours waiting for a transplant”. I can’t [...]

Just a quick update!

June has been a busy month. Younger daughter and I are up to walking 3.75 miles a day. I’m down 30lbs since the end of January. I turned 37 on the 13th and anyday now I will be a Grandma

Isn’t he a cutie!

Hubby has always been photogenic, but he wasn’t interested in taking weight loss pictures and I don’t blame him. I’m not fond at all of my pictures, but it is nice to see the difference over time. I’m also putting my embarrassing photographs out there for a good reason… to raise awareness about kidney donation. [...]

27lbs lost 28lbs to go!

I’m almost halfway to my goal for being a kidney donor. After I reach that goal, I will still be working to loss another 65lbs. This is my first official weight loss picture (I was already 3 pounds lighter than when I started the day I took the picture), next to my picture from today [...]

We wish you knew

To the neighbor that dislikes my lawn, I wish you knew how hard I worked just to maintain it. I cut, weed, and sweep every week, but the weeds keep coming, the grass keeps growing, and I know the dandelions make you frown. I did think of using chemicals to rid my yard for those [...]

Hubby, our younger daughter, and I started hiking today!

Hubby is still trying to build his strength after his last surgery; he is definitely struggling more than we expected. It was great to get out hiking again. We took it easy today and only did a mile and a half. Resting when Hubby needed to. Thankfully there were wonderful benches through out the beautiful [...]